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Kenneth Curmi

Chambre des représentants and Sénat


The Federal Advisory Committee on European Affairs
(Comité d'avis fédéral chargé de Questions européennes / Federaal Adviescomité voor Europese Aangelegenheden)

Legal base: A special Law on institutional reforms of 8 August 1980 and the rules of procedure of the two Houses - in particular, article 85 of the rules of procedure of the Senate and articles 36, 37 and 68 of the rules of procedure of the Chamber of Representatives.

Composition: 30 members comprised of 10 members of the Chamber of Representatives, 10 Senators and 10 Belgian MEPs.

A European Affairs committee of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives was first established in 1962. The committee ceased to exist in 1979, and the Advisory  Committee  on  European  Affairs was established in 1985. In 1990 the Senate established its own European Affairs Committee composed of 22 senators. Finally in 1993 the present “Joint Federal Committee on European Affairs was created, replacing the separate committees of the two Houses.

The main tasks of the Federal Advisory Committee are among other things: 

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