IX Belgium - 1993

22 - 23 November 1993

The 9th COSAC took place in Brussels on 22-23 November 1993. Building on the agenda of the 8th COSAC, the main themes of the conference were growth, competitiveness and employment, as well as immigration and implementation of the Schengen agreement. This meeting was the first time that a European Commissioner participated in COSAC. Mr Joào de Deus Pinheiro took part in an exchange of views on the Commission’s White Paper on Economic growth, competitiveness and employment.

The question of the democratic deficit was not entirely absent from the conference. An informal exchange of views took place over lunch on the second day on the two declarations on the role of national parliaments attached to the Maastricht Treaty, which had come into force three weeks before the meeting. Finally, the national parliaments of Poland and Hungary addressed COSAC with a request to be invited to participate as observers in future COSAC meetings.