Committee on European Affairs

(Ευρωπαϊκών Υποθέσεων)

Legal base: The Vouli ton Antiprosopon (the House of Representatives) is vested with the power of scrutiny of the actions of the executive by the Constitution.

Composition: 10 Members

Following the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the EU, the Vouli ton Antiprosopon, like all national parliaments of the Member States, found itself confronted with obligations and duties that emanate from the aforementioned membership. The accession of Cyprus to the EU resulted, inter alia, in the reform and enhancement of the role of the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs, which until then was the committee solely responsible for the examination of bills of law and regulations aiming at harmonizing the national legislation with the acquis communautaire. On the basis of a decision taken by the leaders of the parliamentary political parties in April 2005, all harmonizing legislation would have to be examined by the competent parliamentary committees.


The new role of the Committee on European Affairs, as it is still evolving, relates to the monitoring and influencing of the decision-making process of the EU. Although this new role could not yet be fully developed, still the foundations to this end have been laid down.


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