The European Affairs Committee

Legal base: Accession Act of 1972 (section 6 (2)) and a number of "agreements" between the European Affairs Committee and the Government, which are laid down in "reports" from the Committee.

Composition: 29 members.

Ever since Denmark first considered joining the Common Market there has been a political emphasis on ensuring that that Folketing has control over the participation of the Danish Government in the EU’s law-making process conducted by the Council of Ministers. 


Since Denmark’s accession to the EEC in 1973, the Committee’s rules and procedures, as set down in the Committees reports have continuously been modified in order to reflect changes in European integration. In addition to the general scrutiny on all EU matters, the Committee’s responsibilities include mandating the Government before Council votes on all directives as well as regulations of a greater importance. In addition, the Committee mandates the Government concerning important votes in the European Commission's various Committees (Comitology) and when the Government submits proposals prior to important votes in the WTO.


More information on the work of the European Affairs Committee can be found in the booklet "The European Affairs Committee of the Danish Parliament".