XII France - 1995

27 - 28 February 1995

The 12th COSAC took place in Paris on 27-28 February 1995. The prospects of a new debate on the future of the EU clearly influenced the agenda. The Maastricht Treaty had mandated a new IGC to be convened in 1996 to address a number of unsettled issues. The agenda for the IGC was partly known, because the Maastricht Treaty had identified a number of points, which, among other things, included the whole functioning of the EU in respect of enlargement and the extension of the “co-decision procedure” that put the European Parliament on an equal footing with the Council in the legislative procedures for certain policy fields. Member States’ governments decided at the Corfu European Council in June 1995 to establish a so-called “Reflection Group” under the chairmanship of the Spanish state secretary of foreign affairs, Carlos Westendorp, to prepare the IGC. The European Parliament was invited to send two participants to the group to join the representatives of the 15 governments.