Special Standing Committee on European Affairs
(Ειδική Διαρκής Επιτροπή Ευρωπαϊκών Υποθέσεων)

Legal base: Article 70, p. 8 of the Greek Constitution and article 41B of the Rules of Procedure of the Vouli ton Ellinon (the Hellenic Parliament).

Composition: The Committee is composed of 31 Members of Parliament and is presided over by a four Member bureau, where the two main opposition parties are represented. The Chairperson of the Committee is one of the Deputy Speakers of the Vouli ton Ellinon.

The Committee on European Affairs was first established in June 1990.

The Committee may, according to the article 32A, which regulates its function, express an advisory opinion on any issue referring to its field of  competence, and submit it in the plenary and the Government, under reserve of article 41B of the Standing Orders of the Parliament. The Committee’s opinions are not binding, however, the Government is obliged to answer on the follow up given in the opinion. The Committee examines EU related issues, European Union policy issues and acts of the EU institutions. The Committee cooperates with other national Parliaments and the European Parliament, inter alia, in the framework of COSAC.

For more information, read document from the Vouli ton Ellinon on Scrutiny of EU matters in the Hellenic Parliament.