National Assembly


Committee for EU Affairs
(Odbor za zadeve EU)

Legal base: Article 3A of the Constitutional Act and article 2A of the Rules of procedures of the National Assembly.

Composition: 14 members. Political parties are represented proportionally.

The European Affairs Committee was establsihed in April 2004. The committee is responsible for discussing and formulating the position of the National Assembly on legislative proposals and other EU-related matters. The committee also scrutinises the government’s negotiating positions before Council meetings.
There is no scrutiny reserve system. Parliament must discuss a matter in due time, or it is otherwise deemed to have agreed with the government’s position.

National Council


Commission for International Relations and European Affairs

(Komisija za mednarodne odnose in evropske zadeve)

Legal base: The scrutiny system in the National Council is based on Article 97 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia.

Composition: 11 members

The International relations and European Affairs Commission was first establsihed in 1993. The National Council may convey to the National Assembly its opinion on all matters within the competence on the National Assembly. This happens by a member of the National Council attending a meeting of the EU or Foreign Policy Committees of the National Assembly and presenting the opinion of the National Council.
The National Council is not obliged to discuss every EU legislative proposal.