Czech Republic

Poslanecká sněmovna


According to the replies of the Poslanecká sněmovna to the questionnaire for the 13th Bi-annual Report of COSAC (May 2010),

- the Committee for European Affairs is in charge of ensuring compliance of the EU draft legislative acts with the principle of subsidiarity;

- for ensuring the compliance with the principle of subsidiarity, the Poslanecká sněmovna applies the same procedure as for the scrutiny of EU matters in general.    

The procedure is defined in paragraph 109 of Part Fifteen A on Deliberation of European Union Affairs of the Rules of Procedure of the Poslanecká sněmovna.



According to the replies of the Senát to the questionnaire for the 13th Bi-annual Report of COSAC (May 2010),

- Since there is no specific procedure relating to the subsidiarity issues, the system of parliamentary scrutiny of EU legislative process applies;

- The primary responsibility for the subsidiarity issues lies in the hands of the Committee on European Union Affairs as the designated committee, but its resolutions have to be confirmed by the plenary of the Senát;

- Principles of subsidiarity and proportionality are essential scrutiny factors present in the consideration of every European Union document in the area of shared competence.

For more information on the scrutiny of the European Union affairs, including the subsidiarity issues, read Section 119 of Part XII of the Standing Rules of the Senát.