On 24 December 2009 the European Affairs Committee of the Danish Folketing adopted a Report on Consideration of EU matters by the Folketing in relation to subsidiarity checks. For further information please click below:  

Report of 9 April 2010 

The European Affairs Committee of the Folketing and the Danish Government concluded an agreement on how to monitor the principle of subsidiarity. The procedure was formally endorsed by the Committee on 26 March 2010.

For more information on the consideration of the EU matters in the Folketing, including the monitoring of the principle of subsidiarity, please read the Summary and, in particular parts 3, 4 and 9.  


Extract from the replies of the Danish Folketing to the questionnaire for the 13th Bi-annual Report of COSAC (May 2010):


2a. Please specify the Parliamentary bodies in charge of ensuring such compliance.

It is a joint responsibility of the European Affairs Committee and the competent sectoral committee(s) to scrutinise subsidiarity issues.


2b. Briefly describe the procedures involved.

According to the new procedures the task of monitoring subsidiarity issues is a joint responsibility of the European Affairs Committee and the competent sectoral committee(s).

The initial examination of a proposal is carried out by the sectoral committee whereas the final adoption of a reasoned opinion is made by the European Affairs Committee.

However if a sectoral committee is of the opinion that a proposal is in breach of subsidiarity, it may adopt a recommendation to the European Affairs Committee.

If there is a discrepancy between the views of the European Affairs Committee and a sectoral committee, a joint meeting will be convened to settle the matter.