Selon les réponses du Vouli ton Ellinon grec au questionnaire pour le 13ème rapport semestriel de la COSAC (mai 2010) (en anglais) :



2a. Please specify the Parliamentary bodies in charge of ensuring such compliance. 

The compliance with the principle of subsidiarity is examined by the competent Parliamentary Committee and /or the Special Standing Committee for European Affairs (henceforth "EAC"). Usually, according to the practice that has been followed until now, the competent sectoral committee (or committees) and the EAC are convened to joint sittings in order to examine subsidiarity compliance of a European draft legislative act.


2b. Briefly describe the procedures involved.

The procedure starts with the publication of the Commission’s Legislative and Work Programme, which is distributed to the members of the EAC and the Greek MEPs in order to point out the most significant legislative proposals and consultation documents either for debate or for subsidiarity check. After a short period, the Committee meets and drafts a timetable of meetings according to the proposals made by its members. 

As mentioned above the examination is conducted jointly by EAC and competent sectoral committees.

The Government, or other stakeholders (according to the nature of the proposal), are always asked to send their written opinion as well as to participate in the meetings. 

Finally, the Committees adopt their opinion which is based on a draft prepared either by Rapporteurs (MPs) or by the Committee Secretariat under the supervision of the EAC Chairperson."