XXVII Denmark - 2002

The XXVII COSAC in Copenhagen on 16-18 October 2002 launched an ambitious reform programme, which was to preoccupy COSAC for more than a year.

 A working group composed of the Chairmen of the European Affairs Committees of the national parliaments, chaired by Mr Claus Larsen-Jensen, was established with a comprehensive reform mandate, which among other things included drafting a code of conduct for effective national parliamentary scrutiny of EU matters, considering how to involve sectoral committees in COSAC, drafting proposals for establishing a COSAC secretariat and how to introduce majority decisions in COSAC. It was also proposed to highlight that COSAC’s main role should be defined as assisting national parliaments to improve their effectiveness in EU matters, especially their scrutiny of government activities in the EU, by sharing best practise and information.